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Please be aware that I always try to supply any of my antique guns in the best possible condition. They are not intended to shoot and sold as an antique or obsolete calibre for collectors, historians or enthusiasts.

I may use a term such as mint or shootable bore to give an accurate description of the condition of the weapon. However, the purchaser MUST not shoot any rifle, pistol or shotgun as it is prohibited by law.

If you wish to purchase a gun to shoot you must first obtain either a shotgun or firearm certificate obtainable from your local police headquarters. To obtain further details on the firearms law you may wish to down load the latest UK firearm laws

Nothing I sell is intended to shoot and to do so is the responsibility and risk of the purchaser. However, If you wish to shoot an antique I would suggest that you take it to a competent gunsmith for advice and possible reproofing.

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