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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £4,950.00

Listing ID: 2926

Make : Model 1854 Dreyse needle fire.

Calibre : 15.43mm

Mechanism : Needle fire Bolt Action.

Description: A rare 15.43mm German issue Model 1854 Dreyse needle fire short rifle for issue to the elite Jager battalions dated 1856 formerly in the Reginald J Cheetham collection. Short octagonal Jager 1854 action with long bolt handle is struck to the left rear with a German imperial eagle over Mod 54 with manufacture date 1856 to the right. Manually released and cocked needle fire bolt struck with German military proofs is serial numbered to the rifle. Walnut full stock with cheek piece to the left side has integral spike bayonet to the underside and two brass barrel bands and forend cap with bayonet release / retaining spring to the underside. Regulation pattern furniture including an iron butt plate and brass spurred Jager trigger guard. The right side of the butt stamped with Crowned FW Imperial German ownership and inspection marks with Crowned D to the hand and the right side next to the action. Round barrel with octagonal breech is rifle with four deep broad grooves and is fitted with the regulation pattern standing rear sight with four folding leaves, the rear sight being windage driftable to allow the rifle to be zeroed for the user as would be expected in an arm intended for issue to the elite shots of the army. The left flat of the knox form struck with the imperial Crown over FW next to the serial number with numerous Imperial German army proof marks to the right flat. A shorter version of the regulation pattern needle fire Dreyse the Zundnadelbuchse 1854 or Jager (taken from the Dutch word for hunter) rifle was a shorter and more accurate arm to be issued to the sharpshooters of the elite German rifle regiments, who like their British counterparts were trained to engage enemy troops at long ranges with accurate rifle fire from cover. Like the infantry rifle the Jager fired a Saboted bullet of smaller diameter than the bore which allowed a very rapid rate of fire compared to contemporary muzzle loaders such as the British Enfield rifles, but firing a less powerful round which did not have the long range accuracy of the muzzle loading arms. None the less the Dreyse was an effective and advanced arm in the 1850’s and did much to bolster the reputation of the professional and efficient Prussian army of the day. In good condition with good bore and very good mechanics with a nicely Imperial German marked stock and blue brown finish to the barrel. A good and rare early German issue needle fire rifle of the pattern issued to the sharpshooters of the rifle regiments.

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