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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £2,250.00

Listing ID: 2924

Make : EIC Flintlock Cavalry Pistol.

Calibre : .65" Smooth Bore.

Mechanism : Flintlock Muzzle Loader.

Description: A fine East India Company .65” flintlock cavalry pistol with loose iron rammer 1808-11 from the Reginald J Cheetham collection of firearms and militaria. Border engraved flintlock plate dated 1810 to the tail has an EIC rampant lion mark beneath the pan next to an EIC Crown 2 inspectors mark. Walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture and loose iron rammer to the underside of the barrel is struck to the top left with the VEIC Heart mark with JB and an inspection mark to the left side. The trigger guard regimentally marked A. 7. S. 55. With a large S to the forend. Round smoothbore .65” barrel struck to the breech with Victorian London proof marks next to a Star JL and Crown 9 EIC inspectors mark. Adopted in 1808 to be issued in pairs to the troopers of the EIC cavalry regiments these are typical heavy military pistols of the time, fitted with a large brass skull crusher butt cap which allowed the pistol to be used as a very effective club in combat once discharged until the user had time to reload. They were a popular arm but were soon replaced in service with an improved but basically similar model in 1811 which featured a swivel rammer which could not be dropped by a soldier trying to reload his pistol on horseback or during combat. As a result of only being issued for three years these 1808 model pistols are rarely seen on the market. In very good condition with very good bore and mechanics, nice sharp stock with clear EIC markings and barrel polished bright. A fine example of a scarce EIC issue pistol formerly in the Reginald Cheetham collection.

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