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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £850.00

Listing ID: 2923

Make : East India Company cavalry pistol.

Calibre : .65" Smooth Bore.

Mechanism : Percussion Muzzle Loader.

Description: .65” East India Company percussion cavalry pistol with new series side lock. Border engraved Pattern 42 type side lock of new manufacture struck with EIC rampant lion to the front of the bun nut retained hammer. Walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture including the heavy butt cap with lanyard ring and nose cap with integral screw retained rammer spring. .65” smooth bore barrel struck to the breech with Victorian London commercial proof marks as standard on EIC arms with an EIC inspectors stamp next to the percussion lump. Captive swivel cavalry pattern rammer with button head to the underside. Adopted in 1843 as the standard issue cavalry pistol of the EIC armies in India to replace the earlier old series model with a converted flintlock lock plate, the new series pistol like the Ordnance Pattern 1842 adopted at the same time features a new purpose designed percussion side lock with hook retained mainspring. The new series pistols were an effective and popular arm seeing wide service, issued in pairs to the troopers of EIC cavalry all over the sub-continent remaining in service until replaced with rifled arms in the 1850’s. However local supply conditions and a policy of arming native troops with smooth bore weapons after the mutiny meant many of these pistols were still in service into the 1870’s. In good condition with good bore and mechanics, a nice sharp stock and fading blue finish to the barrel. A nice EIC pistol in very good order for an arm that has seen long service in India.

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