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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £155.00

Listing ID: 2920

Make : Pattern 1913 bayonet.

Description: Pattern 1913 British Ordnance issue bayonet to fit the P14 service rifle by Remington from the Reginald Cheetham collection. Hilt with release button to the left side has walnut grip panels cut with two grooves to differentiate the P13 from the more common Pā€™07 SMLE bayonet in service. Fullered blade struck to the left side with REMINGTON and 1913 over 17 for manufacture in 1917 and to the right with various British military inspection stamps and broad arrow ordnance ownership marks. Designed to fit the abortive P13 rifle project before WW1 the P13 bayonet was adopted for rear unit service when the P13 rifle was produced for the British in America as the .303ā€ P14 during WW1. Unfortunately the rifles were not made as interchangeable arms and so could not be issued to front line regiments but they did see wide service in the hands of the home guard during WW2. In its steel mounted black leather scabbard with ordnance inspection marks. In good condition with a good clean blade in a nice scabbard with intact stitching.

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