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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £185.00

Listing ID: 2919

Make : Pattern 1907 bayonet.

Description: British issue Pattern 1907 bayonet in scabbard by Sanderson dated 1918 from the Reginald J Cheetham collection. Hilt with release button to the left side of the pommel is fitted with 07 pattern wooden grip scales. Fullered blade struck to the left side with Crowned GR over 1907 ’12 18 SANDERSON for manufacture in December 1918. The right side stamped with a Broad Arrow next to a 1923 inspection stamp next to various ordnance inspection and ownership marks. In its steel mounted black leather pattern 1907 scabbard with round frog stud. Adopted in 1907 to fit the SMLE rifle the ‘07 was longer than the previous 1888 / 1903 bayonets it replaced and was designed to replicate the reach of the old 1888 bayonet when fitted to the long lee rifles in combat. This it achieved but at the cost of inferior performance as a fighting knife, the blade being too long for really effective use as a knife. In good condition with good blade and working catch in a nice scabbard with all intact stitching. A nice example of the classic WW1 bayonet made in the period after the war when the British arms industry was winding down from war time excess to peace time famine as the army had more than enough weapons on hand to arm the rapidly dwindling number of soldiers required.

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