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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £595.00

Listing ID: 2905

Make : Bentley Percussion Revolver.

Calibre : 54 bore smooth bore.

Mechanism : Percussion Revolver

Description: A good quality and interesting smooth bore Bentley patent 54 bore percussion revolver. Bentley open top frame with spur to the top of the grip is decorated with border line and scroll engraving. The flash guard to the right side cut to allow the fitting of caps to the nipples with a removable side plate to the left side. Peg hole to left side of hammer to allow cylinder to be rotated during loading by holding back the hammer. Five shot Birmingham proofed cylinder with border line engraving to the front. Smooth bore octagonal barrel is threaded onto the arbour pin and retained by a grub screw to the front, struck with Birmingham proof marks to the underside with a rammer fitted to the left side. Finely chequered screw retained walnut grips. Produced towards the end of the percussion period the generic Bentley style double action revolvers were cheap and simple designs which were very popular for self defence purposes. Firing large calibre bullets using a stiff powder charge they were designed for close range, fast shooting and lacked any frills. This is one of those that were made even cheaper to produce by omitting the rifling of the barrel, a feature not needed at the short ranges the pistols were designed to be used at. This revolver is definitely of much better quality than the average example and would have been an ‘expensive’ cheap gun at the time. In very good condition with good mechanics and tight lock up, good smooth bore and very good grips. Metal work finish to blue / brown with age. A definitely superior version of the Bentley in very good mechanical order.

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