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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £2,750.00

Listing ID: 2894

Make : 1862 Dreyse.

Description: A very good 15.43mm German issue Model 1862 Dreyse needle fire infantry service rifle with Beck breech conversion. Dreyse needle fire octagonal bolt action with German Imperial Eagle to the left side with FW monogram and manufacture date 1867 to the right with various military inspection stamps to the base of the bolt handle. The bolt serial numbered to the rifle with German military proof marks to the right side of the breech. The bolt head fitted in service with ‘Becks’ breech adaption to allow the firing of high pressure rounds with better range and flatter trajectory, fitted after the Germans realised the French Chassepot rifles were superior to their unaltered needle fires following the Franco Prussian war. Walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture and iron butt plate has German issue marks to the right side of the butt and correct rammer to the underside of the barrel. Round barrel with octagonal breech is fitted with folding leaf and ladder rear sight graduated to 1200 meters with Crowned FW and German military proof marks to the breech. One of the world’s first issue breech loading bolt actions along with the French Chassepot the Dreyse was revolutionary at the time of its adoption in 1841, a year before the British army adopted the smooth bore percussion muzzle loading Pattern 1842 musket! The breech loaders offered a high rate of fire but were less powerful than contemporary muzzle loaders such as the British P53 but saw service until replaced by centre fire arms in the late 1860s and early 1870s. Today Dreyse’s of all patterns are among the scarcest of the early breech loading military rifles and rarely appear on the market. In good condition with very good bore and mechanics, nice sharp stock and much fading blue finish to the barrel. All match numbers including the bolt and intact needle. A nice example of a scarce Imperial German issue arm.

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