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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £2,950.00

Listing ID: 2889

Make : Pattern 1842 percussion musket.

Calibre : .75" Smooth Bore.

Mechanism : Percussion Muzzle Loader.

Description: A fine Ordnance issue .75” Lovell’s Pattern 1842 percussion musket with socket bayonet. Border engraved Pattern 1842 side lock with hook main spring is engraved to the front of the hammer TOWER 1848 below a Crowned VR and a Crowned Broad Arrow Ordnance ownership mark. Walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture is stamped to the right side of the butt with a Broad Arrow over BO and issue number 7 18 behind the trigger guard tang. The butt plate tang engraved REG 178 (possibly miss engraved 7 18 as marked on stock and rammer?) with stockers and assemblers names stamped into the rear of the rammer channel in the forend. Smooth bore .75” key retained barrel is struck with Tower Ordnance military proof marks with standing rear sight and front sight / bayonet stud to the muzzle. Lovell’s bayonet catch to the nose cap and correct button head ordnance marked ram rod numbered to the gun 7 18. One of the series of revolutionary percussion smooth bore muskets developed in the late 1830’s and early 1840’s by Master of the Ordnance George Lovell the Pattern 1842 musket was the first percussion line musket made from new as such not from converted flintlock parts as had been the Pattern 1839. Only the limited issue Foot Guards Pattern 1838 being purpose made before this. Intended to be the issue arm for the front line regiments of the army it is fitted with Lovell’s new design of side lock and has such refinements as the rear sight and bayonet catch which made it the most advanced military musket of the time when it was first issued, with most going to premier regiments and guards etc while lesser units got the converted parts P39’s and P45 extra service muskets. However like all smooth bore muskets the adoption of Minnie rifles in 1851 made the P42 obsolete and they were quickly replaced in front line service although many units still carried the P42 in the early actions of the Crimean war until enough rifles could be manufactured and shipped to theatre to allow their withdrawal. Many 42’s were later rifled on the Minnie principal and then issued to the Royal Marines making smooth bore muskets very scarce today with very, very few appearing on the market despite the relatively large numbers made. It is believed many were sent to China with General Gordon to arm local troops in the 1860’s which would explain the lack of surviving arms in the west. Complete with a Lovell’s Pattern 1842 socket bayonet with tricorn blade by G Salter with Ordnance inspection mark to the blade and socket with lug to engage with the catch of the musket. In fine condition with very good bore, nice sharp well marked stock, good mechanics and fading blue finish to the metal work. A very nice example of a scarce issue arm of the Victorian age and one of the scarcest British Army muskets today.

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