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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £1,650.00

Listing ID: 2888

Make : Snider with Bardell and Powell’s lock.

Calibre : .577" Snider

Mechanism : Snider Breech.

Description: A possibly unique .577” Ordnance issue Enfield MkII* Snider three band rifle fitted with Bardell and Powell’s patent lock dated 1867. Plain swivel link lock of lengthened form to accept large V shape sear return spring is dated 1867 to the front of the hammer and stamped BARDELL & POWELL’S PATENT NO 6 to the tail. Enfield manufactured walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture is stamped to the right side with an ENFIELD roundel over a first class arms mark. Enfield WD proofed MkII* Snider shoe with correct flat faced hammer is struck with Broad Arrow WD marks to the breech block and II* to the receiver ring. Three groove rifled barrel with ladder rear sight graduated to 950 yards is struck with Enfield proof marks and is retained by Baddeley snag free bands. Converted from a regulation pattern military arm by the inletting and fitting of a patent lock presumably either as a trial by the Ordnance or by Bardell and Powell in the hope of selling their adaption to the army. The patent replaces the sear spring of the standard P53 lock with a much longer and bigger V spring and tumbler mechanism which aside from reducing the throw to the half cock position was presumably intended to counter any tendency of the Enfield sear spring to break or fail in service. Since this was not a fault of the Enfield Snider rifles it seems unlikely the army would adopt such a refinement although Bardell and Powell did have several successful patents for non rebounding sporting locks that saw wide use on double guns of the period. In good condition with fine near mint bore, very good mechanics and a sharp stock with a nice roundel and a few handling marks and much blue finish to the metal work. A possibly unique Ordnance Snider with an interesting patent lock developed by two of the best known sporting gun inventors of the mid Victoriana age.

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