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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £225.00

Listing ID: 2878

Make : Pattern 1856 Yataghan.

Description: Pattern 1856 Yataghan sword bayonet in scabbard to fit the Pattern 1856 short Enfield rifle with forward extension mortice to the bayonet bar. Hilt with release catch to the rear left is fitted with press chequered leather scales impressed with B13 inspection stamps. Fullered Yataghan sword blade is struck to the top flat R. In its steel mounted black leather scabbard with frog stud to the throat. Designed for issue to the men of the elite rifle regiments to fit the 1856 two band Enfield short rifles the Yataghans were designed primarily for use in their own right as short swords, the men of the rifle regiments engaging enemies with long range fire rather than closing to bayonet fighting distances. The Yataghan was however effective when fitted to the 1856 rifle giving sufficient reach to engage a mounted adversary if need be. In good condition with nice clean blade, sharp grips and working catch in a nice scabbard with all intact stitching.

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