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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £1,650.00

Listing ID: 2871

Make : Pattern 1853 rifle musket.

Calibre : .577" Minnie

Mechanism : Percussion Muzzle Loader.

Description: A good and early 1855 dated 2nd model Pattern 1853 rifle musket with swelled throat rammer to the first battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Border engraved P53 swivel link lock with Crowned VR to the tail is engraved 1855 TOWER with Crowned Broad arrow and military inspection stamps to the front of the hammer. Walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture and three 2nd model spring retained barrel bands is stamped with opposed broad arrow sold from service marks and a second class arms mark to the right side and WD under a broad arrow to the left. Lock fitters name R LONG to the left flat and Ordnance inspection stamps behind the trigger guard tang. The butt plate tang engraved SR 1 171 for issue to the 1st Battalion The Cameronians (The Scottish Rifles). Correct WD marked early swelled throat jag head rammer to the underside of the barrel. Barrel rifled with three broad grooves of Minnie pattern is struck with Ordnance Military proof marks next to sold from service mark and Birmingham military inspector’s marks. Ladder rear sight graduated to 900 yards with front blade sight / bayonet stud to the muzzle. Developed from the first pattern as a direct result of combat reports from the Crimea battles the 2nd model rifles featured a heavier hammer to ensure reliable ignition of caps, a studier stock which was less prone to break through the wrist during bayonet fighting and easily removable spring retained bands which allowed troops to remove the barrel for cleaning. Early second models during the first couple of months of production retained the swelled throat rods of the 1st models but with a jag head with a patch slot after which a plain parallel rod was fitted. While the heavy hammer and beefed up stock proved useful the spring retained bands tended to wear the stock in service and reduce accuracy, leading to a return to screw retained bands on the 3rd model rifles soon after the 2nd model was adopted, making the 2nd model quite a scarce issue rifle today. In good condition with good bore and mechanics, a nice sharp well marked stock and much fading blue finish to the barrel. A good example of a 2nd model rifle with the scarce swelled throat rammer issued to a famous regiment and a rifle dating from 1855 which could have its self seen service in the Crimea.

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