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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £2,750.00

Listing ID: 2866

Make : B Cogswell match rifle.

Calibre : .451"

Mechanism : Percussion Muzzle Loader.

Description: A good quality .451” percussion military match rifle by B Cogswell of the Strand London. Border engraved Pattern 1853 swivel link lock with second pattern heavy hammer is signed B. COGSWELL 224 STRAND, LONDON. Walnut stock with chequered wrist and forend is fitted with steel furniture including two common screw retained barrel bands, long tang trigger guard, butt plate and nose cap. The stock forward of the front barrel band well replaced at some time in its working life. .451” heavy match barrel by John Clive of Birmingham is rifled with eight broad, shallow grooves and is fitted with a ladder rear sight graduated to 1000 yards on the left leg with minute of angle graduations to the right side and is struck to the underside with Victorian Birmingham commercial proof marks. The muzzle fitted with a fixed foresight and bayonet bar to the front right to comply with the military match shooting rules of the time. Manufactured in Birmingham by the famous Cogswell company for sale in their London show room these .451” match rifles are of similar appearance to the issue .577” military Enfields of the day but were much more accurate, being shoot able out to 1200 yards during the popular rifle matches of the time organised both by the NRA and by local volunteer units who practiced regularly with their arms. In very good condition with excellent bore, good mechanics and a fine well chequered stock with a good near invisible repair to the front 6”. A very nice classic Victorian percussion military match rifle by a famous maker.

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