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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £1,750.00

Listing ID: 2865

Make : M1854 Lorenz Jaeger rifle.

Calibre : .54"

Mechanism : Percussion Muzzle Loader.

Description: .54” Austrian issue M1854 Lorenz Jaeger rifle. Plain lock of converted flintlock form with heavy straight back hammer, indistinctly date marked on the plate to the front of the hammer. Walnut stock with cheek piece to the left side is fitted with regulation pattern iron furniture including a Jaeger rifle spurred trigger guard, screw retained butt plate and single rammer pipe to the underside of the forend. Heavy octagonal barrel rifled with four broad grooves is fitted with the unique pattern tangent rear sight graduated to 1000 meters and is round for the last 4 ¼” to allow for the fitting of a socket bayonet. The breech struck with 1867 inspection stamps. Button head rammer with brass inset band to protect the bore when loading the rifle. A contemporary of the British Enfield Minnie rifle the Lorenz was in its longer form the standard issue rifle of the Austrian infantry regiments while these shorter Jaeger rifles were like the British two band rifles of the time issued to the elite men of the Austrian rifle regiments as a more accurate weapon for long range fire on the battle field. The Lorenz was also a very popular arm with both sides during the American civil war with 226,000 going to the union and 100,000 to the South making them the second most common rifle on issue after the Enfield. In good condition with good bore and mechanics, a nice sharp stock and barrel to regulation ‘Polly blanc’ in the white finish. A good example of a now rarely seen European issue arm of a pattern that also saw wide service in the Civil War across the Atlantic.

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