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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £245.00

Listing ID: 2864

Make : No5 Mk1 bayonet.

Description: A scarce British Ordnance issue No5 Mk1 bayonet to fit the No5 ‘Jungle Carbine’ by Radcliffe. Grip with wrap around screw retained wooden scales has release catch to the left side of the pommel and cross guard with large diameter barrel ring to fit over the flash hider of the jungle carbine. Fullered Bowie pattern blade is stamped to the left side N187 the WW2 factory code for Radcliffe’s. In its correct black painted steel scabbard with round frog stud to the front. Designed to be issued with the new No5 short rifle in the latter stages of WW2, it like the jungle carbine was intended to be the new issue rifle / bayonet for the army. However problems with the long range accuracy of the No5 when it went into service left both as limited service issue arms, the army retaining the No4 rifle until it was replaced with the SLR in the late 50’s. The No5 bayonet was however a popular and effective weapon both as a bayonet and when used as a fighting knife in its own right, forming the basis for the later L1A1 bayonet issued with the SLR and also issued as the No5 with the post war Sterling SMG’s used by the paras and vehicle crews etc during the cold war. In good condition with clean blade, good grips and working catch in a nice issue scabbard.

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