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Bisley Surrey, United Kingdom
Price: £195.00

Listing ID: 2824

Make : Pattern 1876 socket bayonet.

Description: Ordnance issue Pattern 1876 socket bayonet to fit the .577/450” Martini Henry service rifle in its brass mounted leather scabbard. WD marked tri corn blade with blued socket is stamped with a large R sold out of service mark over Enfield military inspection mark and manufacture date of /89 for 1889. Brass mounted black leather scabbard struck with Broad Arrow WD mark to the collar and chape. The regulation infantry pattern socket bayonet issued to the British army from the Zulu war until the Martini was replaced with the .303” Long Lee Metford rifle. The longer bladed, new made, 1876 replaced the earlier bushed Pattern 1853 bayonets, after all of the available ‘53s had been converted. The new pattern bayonet was 3” longer to give better reach to troops using the Martini in bayonet fighting. In good condition with very good well marked clean blade and socket retaining much original blue finish, in a good scabbard with intact stitching and an old repair to the top around the chape to the left side. A nice example of a classic ordnance issue bayonet.

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